ARTFUSiON & Arts Week 2023

a promotional image about ARTFUSiON Festival featuring polka dots in blues and purples

After a few years of hosting ARTFUSiON and Arts Week later in the year, we’re thrilled to bring it back to September where it belongs. And by a delightful scheduling coincidence, Arts Week overlaps with Well-Being Week this year. Since…

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The Art of December Fun

a promotional image of AAMP's logo

Looking for some free artsy fun in December? We’re got you covered! All of our events are free and will be held at The Annex in Mount Pearl (right next to Admiralty House on Mortimore Drive) Please register so we…

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ARTFUSiON 2022 – Sunday, December 4 at 2PM

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Between the Mount Pearl Santa Claus Parade and the ‘All is Bright’ Tree Lighting at St. David’s park on Saturday and the St. John’s Santa Claus Parade on Sunday this weekend is a cavalcade of excitement. If you’d like the…

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ARTFUSiON Online 2020

a seated man plays guitar

Since we couldn’t meet in person for ARTFUSiON 2020, we decided to bring it to you at home. Please visit the playlist below to see performances from a variety of terrific AAMP performers. Thank you to our sponsors, The City…

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