About AAMP

Ever since we started in 2005, the Association for the Arts (AAMP) has been encouraging people to explore their creativity and have fun with the arts.

The results of some AAMP creative fun for kids. Image Description: Three kids are pictured from the shoulders down, holding playdough creations in the palms of their hands.

For some people, that means joining us as an audience member – seeing performances, displays, and shows.

For others, having fun with the arts means trying new things and playing with art forms.

For artists, it means connecting with their peers and their audiences in a friendly atmosphere.

We offer year-round programming that ranges from festivals and performances to workshops and activities for kids.

We are (obviously) located in Mount Pearl and most of our events and activities take place at The Annex which is located next to Admiralty House Museum on the corner of Mortimore Drive and Old Placentia Road.

What about if you aren’t from Mount Pearl?

Our name is about our location, not about excluding people.

We deliberately chose to be the Association FOR the Arts in Mount Pearl instead of the Association OF the Arts in Mount Pearl because we are about art in Mount Pearl, not just about Mount Pearl art.

We want more art happening in our City but our artists and our audiences are from all over the place. We welcome everyone to come and play with their creativity at their own comfort level.

If you enjoy the arts, there’s room for you in AAMP.