Fun with AAMP on World Creativity and Innovation Day – Sunday, April 21

a promotional image for world creativity and innovation day

Sunday, April 21 is World Creativity and Innovation Day and AAMP – Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl and Elaine Marie Dunphy of Ageless Grace on the Rock and Nia on the Rock are teaming up to help you celebrate with some FREE creative fun!

 2-3PM – Ageless Grace with Elaine Dunphy

This fun, seated dance class is all about getting your brain and body to work together. 

Whether you are trying to draw a triangle in the air with your left index finger while drawing a square on the floor with your right big toe, or you are trying to pull giant, imaginary taffy, you’re sure to have a laugh while getting some exercise. 

This class is open to everyone and is suitable for all ages. 

After Ageless Grace, you’re welcome to stick around and use some of that extra brain energy to give our Creativity Games a try!

3:15-5:00 PM –  Creativity Games

For the rest of the afternoon, AAMP and friends will be having some hands-on creative fun and you’re welcome to join us. 

You can drop in for a game or stay for the whole session and you can play at your own level – no pressure and no previous skills required!

Here’s what will be available to play:

Pocket Creativity – Our pocket creativity kits include a series of prompts and all kinds of doodads and whatsits to make into shapes and pictures. It’s kind of like charades, only with buttons, felt, pipe cleaners and googly eyes!

Story Dice – Roll the dice and take your chances! You/your group can choose a set of themed dice, give ’em a roll and then make up stories in response to the pictured prompts. Guaranteed to lead you into marvelously goofy places in your imagination.

Drawing Games – We’ve got prompts! We’ve got drawing challenges! We’ve got all kinds of ways for you to put pencil to paper and make something fun.

PS – We will also have a variety of creativity-based board games on site for you to try. 

These events are for all ages, they’re free, and everyone is welcome.

No registration necessary.

Author: Christine Hennebury