Friday Fun (4 of 4): Drawing Games

a drawing of 4 green monsters on an index card

For four weeks in February and March, while everyone was staying safe at home, we teamed up with the City of Mount Pearl to bring you a little extra creative fun for your weekend.

In this video, Lucy, Nicole, and Christine are having a grand time while playing some drawing games.
Why not join in the fun and draw along with them?
You’ll need your imagination, some paper (or a dry-erase board), and something to draw with.
You can use any drawing supplies that you already have at home. Lucy is using markers and paper, Nicole is drawing on a whiteboard, and Christine is using recycled paper and a crayon.
These games are great to play on your own but if you want to draw with other people you can:
1) Write the name of each game on a piece of paper, put the papers in a bowl and have everyone pick one.
2) Get each person to start a drawing and then pass it on to someone else to finish.
3) Start the drawing then mail (or email) it to a friend to finish.
These games are all about having fun with your creativity so don’t worry if a line ends up in the wrong place – just turn that line into something else and keep going!
If you want to have a closer look at what the prompts looked like before we started drawing, you can see a sheet of examples here:
Games like this can be found in lots of places but the book Christine shows in the video is Jeanette Nyberg’s ‘Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids.’
Here’s a link to the book:
For more ideas right away, check out this post from Jeanette: