Friday Fun (3 of 4): Ice Crafts

a woman holds a happy face craft made of ice

In this week’s video, Nicole is making ice decorations that you can put outside!

She used all kinds of bits and pieces of craft supplies but you can use bird seed or pasta or anything else that makes interesting shapes or patterns.

If you use craft supplies, please put your creations somewhere where you can pick up the pompoms or sequins or whatever once the ice melts.

If you plan to decorate public spaces with your creation, be sure to use environmentally-friendly decorations!

If you want to hang up your decorations with a string, you can freeze a string half in and half out of your creation. OR you can wait until your decoration is half-frozen and stand up a little piece of a drinking straw in the slushy ice so, when it freezes completely, there will be a little hole to run a string through.