Creative Relaxation for December

a drawing of three gold stars hanging against a background of wavy black lines.

Our December events list will go live on November 25 and we hope you’ll join us for some creative fun.

But attending events is not the only way to find some creative relaxation in the busy month ahead.

We know, it sounds ridiculous to add something else to your schedule in December but with a little preparation now, you can carve out a consistent oasis of calm in your hectic days ahead.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Put a pen and paper in a small container in your kitchen and pick a regular time to doodle something fun. If you are concerned about what to draw, make a list in advance or Google ‘drawing prompts.’ You can even try drawing the same thing over and over – a daily star in different styles (like Christine does) or the same mug again and again.
  2. Print some colouring pages and grab some crayons or colouring pencils to keep in a convenient spot. Pick a time to colour a little section each day – colouring while you wait for the kettle to boil is a good way to add a little extra fun to your day.
  3. Get a notebook or some loose pages (or create a new note on your phone) and add one sentence to a story every day in December.
  4. Choose a colour, a shape, or a theme, and take a photo each day that matches your choice.
  5. Gather some bits and pieces of craft supplies (paper, beads, pipe cleaners) or other items around your house (bolts, string, macaroni) and put them in a container in a convenient place. As often as possible, take a few moments to create a ‘sculpture’ from those loose ends.

Sure, these things may sound silly but taking a few moments for yourself in the middle of trying to do all kinds of extra tasks in December can be really helpful and will give you a break from rushing around.

And please, don’t limit yourself to what we have suggested here – anything that helps you focus on a single enjoyable task for a few moments will benefit you in the long run.

Author: Christine Hennebury