Community Post: Selina Boland, Creative Adventures

a black and white photo of Selina, wearing a white dress and looking over to her right, standing in a field surrounded by trees, flowers, and shrubs.

by Selina Boland

This has been a fun new year for me !

Here are some of my creative highlights so far:

New Solo Electronic Album

I released my very first solo electronic album in January under the name Chalk. It was produced by Christian Johansen.

CHALK BIO: Chalk is born out of the revived childhood writings and poetry of singer/songwriter Selina Boland. With an organic approach to a vintage electronic sound, Selina performs as Chalk with a loop station and synthesizer. Her writings emerge with a new sound from an unconventional structure to produce haunting harmonies and colorful melodies.  

Chalk was nominated for Electronic Artist of the Year by MusicNL in Dec, 2020. She also released a new album in Jan, 2022 called My Chalk Stuff which can be heard on all major online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, or anywhere else you listen to your music.

Chalk Websites:

an illuminated sign featuring the word chalk.
Photo Credit – Joey Woolridge. Image description: a photo of the word chalk written in pink and blue litebrite pegs illuminated against a black background that is set far back in the photo. The sides of the image, a series of dotted shadows, are of the pattern cast by the light from the litebrite emerging through the sides of the unit.

Acoustic/Guitar Album in Progress

We are now currently working on my guitar music and releasing my 4th album this year with a new single coming in the next few months.

Selina Boland acoustic/guitar music websites:

Poetry Blog:

In addition I started a blog of a few of my poems recently and I would love for you to read them:

Check out Selina’s most recent AAMP performance in this Facebook Live recording from ARTFUSiON in November 2021.

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