ARTFUSiON Weekend!

a promotional image for the events on ARTFUSiON Weekend

We’ve got three days of artsy fun left in ARTFUSiON Arts Week 2023.

All of our events are free and we welcome everyone to join us.

These events are presented with support from the City of Mount Pearl, Admiralty House Communications Museum, Fastsigns in Mount Pearl, the Department of Canadian Heritage‘s Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program, and the ArtsNL Community Arts Program and, of course, we’re thrilled to have Salt Pages, Nia on the Rock, and Heavy Sweater Comics as partners for our events this week.

Saturday, September 23, The Annex

10-12 – Craft “Buffet”

We’re digging out all kinds of art supplies and crafting stuff and creating a ‘buffet’ of fun at  the Annex. 

Come make a collage, create a glitter bottle or stick sequins on a paper plate – this is your time to bring your ideas to life. 

Everyone is welcome and we’ll have artists and crafty people right there to help you figure things out. 

See you there!

1-2PM – Ageless Grace with Elaine Dunphy 

Add more fun to your Saturday with this energizing and relaxing seated dance class. All you need are comfy clothes to move in and a bottle of water. 

Say yes!  Come find your joy through movement with Ageless Grace on the Rock! 💖

For more info contact Elaine at

1PM – Intro to Comics (AAMP Studio in the Annex)
Instructor Kevin Woolridge

Join Kevin Woolridge from Heavy Sweater Comics for an intro into all things comic strips, from lettering and layout, to expression and story. And maybe lasagna…but only if you are a large orange cat.

2:30-4PM – Relaxing Creativity

We’re calling this a workshop but really we’re going to be playing around with the creative process and finding ways to relax.

We’ve got a few teeny projects for you to try and we’re hoping you’ll be willing to be awful at each of them.

Yes, we are encouraging you to be bad at art.


Because this workshop is about the process, not about the results.

We’re not trying to create a beautiful piece of art, we’re going to play with paint or paper or words and just find some ease for a few minutes.

Picture a little kid lying on their stomach, tongue stuck out of the corner of their mouth as they concentrate, scrawling away at a piece of paper with a crayon – that’s the kind of feeling we’re going for.

You don’t have to be GOOD, you just have to BE.

Bonus points if you make a mess of things.

All supplies will be provided and no one will be put on the spot at any point about anything.

4-5:30PM – Pocket Creativity Challenge

Ready to have some fun?

Feeling creative, inventive, or ready to make something goofy?

Join us for Pocket Creativity!

You’ll be given a bag of craft supplies and doodads, a list of prompts, and time to play. 

Your task? 

To turn the craft supplies and doodads into something that looks kinda like the item on the prompt.

Pocket Creativity is suitable for all ages, for families, groups, or solo makers.

Each maker (or maker group) will be entered in a prize draw.

Sunday, September 24, The Admiralty House Garden/The Annex

12-5PM – ARTFUSiON Festival

Join us on Sunday, September 24 for this outdoor* celebration of the arts!

We’ll have performers, display artists, kids’ activities, a community art project, and all kinds of fun. 

Then, on Sunday, we’ll have musicians, dancers, hula hoopers and storytellers performing all afternoon while our display artists show your their work (which is available to purchase!

Featured performers include musicians Chris Cole, Cass Elliot, Lexi Hicks, and Colin Carpenter, storyteller Christine Hennebury, writers Michelle Butler-Hallett and Trudy Morgan-Cole, dancer Vanessa Cardoso, and juggler/hula hooper Susan Jarvis. 

Featured display artists include Elly & Friends (crafts and art), Michelle Butler Hallett (writer), Craft Cupboard Creations (crafts), Tim Elliott (cross-stitch and more), Charity’s  Art Chummyjiggers (jewelry and art), Jennifer Morgan (typeset) , Nat Janes (cards and art), QueerstickNL (art and pottery) Mary Makes Stuff (crafts and art), and Trudy Morgan-Cole (writer)

Performance Schedule

12:00 – Welcome – Christine Hennebury & National Anthem – Wayne Butler

12:15 – Vanessa Cardoso – dancer

12:30 – Cassandra Elliott – musician

1:00 – Chris Cole – musician

1:30 – Lexi Hicks – musician

2:00 – Michelle Butler Hallett – author

2:30 – Colin Carpenter – musician

3:00 – Trudy Morgan-Cole – author

3:30 – Christine Hennebury – storyteller

4:00 – Susan Jarvis – hula hooper & juggler

All Ages Art Activities

1-4PM – Pocket Creativity and Collaborative Art Project

1PM – Fingerprint monsters

2PM – Collage

3PM – Drawing Games

*hopefully! If the weather is bad, we’ll move inside The Annex. 

Monday, September 25, The Annex

7-9PM – Write with AAMP

Host: Christine Hennebury

(AAMP Studio)

If you like some company while you write, join us for this relaxed writing session. 

We’ll chat a little about our projects, do some writing sprints, and, if you are so inclined, we’ll use some writing prompts to jazz up our projects a little.

This is a drop-in event but if you wish to join us via Zoom, please email to get the link.

PS – We’ll have snacks available. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. 

Author: Christine Hennebury